How To Make Your Backyard Swing Set Safe For Kids

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If you are planning to install a backyard swing set, then you should also take appropriate measures to keep kids safe on it. You don't want kids to get hurt and have their parent's sue you for negligence. The following measures will prevent that from happening:

Invest In the Right Swing Set

Swing set safety begins with the purchase of the right swing. This is one of the areas where a contraption made from old or recycled materials won't do; recycled materials are dangerous. For example, some people use old tires to make swings, but old tires have lost their elasticity, which means that they can easily crack and cause injury.

Here are some features of a new swing set that may be difficult to replicate in a DIY swing set:

·         Recessed bolts that don't cut or scrape people.

·         Coated chains that don't pinch hands or fingers.

·         Rounded corners and edges that don't cut people.

Maintain Your Swing Set Properly

Even the safest swing set can become dangerous with time if it's not properly maintained. These are some of the maintenance practices your swing set should get to maintain its safety:

·         Oil the metal components regularly so that they don't rust and continue to offer frictionless movement.

·         Use water seals on the wooden parts so that they don't rot, crack or warp.

·         Cover the swing set with a tarp when it's not in use to reduce degradation due to weather elements.

·         Check the nuts and bolts regularly to confirm that they are properly tightened.

Supervise Kids on the Swing

Even the safest swing can be dangerous if not used properly. Therefore, you still need to supervise all kids playing with it so that they don't get injured.  Here are some of the things to enforce when supervising swinging kids:

·         Make sure they sit on the swing; kneeling or standing on the swing can easily lead to a fall.

·         Ensure they use the swing one person at a time.

·         Ensure no one stands in front or at the back of the swing when it's in use.

Swing sets aren't the only things you need to worry about; be careful of every plaything in your compound that has the capacity to cause injury. Note that you could be held liable for injuries in your home even if the victims were trespassing on your property. Therefore, it's also advisable to secure your swing set or any other dangerous plaything you may have so that trespassing kids aren't attracted to and get injured by it. To learn more about your liabilities, contact a company like Lanham Insurance Agency