Collisions Are Hard On Your Car. Here's How To Avoid The Damage

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Even a minor collision can be harder on your car than you think. The steps below are designed to help you keep your car in great shape and safe from the damage that collisions do.

The Perils of Collisions

Collisions are terrible for your vehicle for a couple of reasons. First of all, the small dents that you get from a minor fender-bender can be surprisingly tricky to deal with. You may want to let them go, but if they are deep enough to buckle the metal, they could end up rusting out your car. A small collision is also a problem because it could put your car off its center of gravity. Small changes to the structure of the vehicle could have negative effects on the way the vehicle handles. And a collision may cause damage that you don't know about. If a screw gets loose or something is jiggled out of place, it could have very negative effects down the road. That's why it's a good idea to get your car inspected after a collision, no matter how small.

Watch Where You Drive

Studies have shown that car accidents occur in certain areas and at certain times more than others. You might be surprised to learn that more collisions happen on rural roads than on packed city streets. A large portion of car accidents also tend to happen when people are close to home. It seems that people may let their guard down a little too far when they are in their driving comfort zone. Don't become one of the statistics and be sure to be vigilant of other drivers and obstacles.

It also turns out that the times when there are lots of other cars on the road, such as at rush hour times, are high volume times for accidents. That makes sense, and it has a good lesson for everyone to be more conservative about driving when the roads are packed.

Protect Your Parked Car

When your car is parked, other cars can easily bump it or doors can be slammed into it. Protect your car by parking further away from other cars and parking in parallel wherever possible.

Consider Insurance

Paying for collision repairs can be costly, but you might want to add collision insurance to your auto insurance plan to cover the payments. Dent insurance or repair packages are also popular at auto body shops. The right auto insurance will make your life much easier. 

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